I'm Skyler, and I consider myself a general purpose nerd. I have an educational background and experience with programming, UI & UX design, pure and applied mathematics, cognitive science, AI/ML, philosophy of science, language and mind, physics (esp. foundations of QM and GR) and game design.

Unfortunately most of the stuff I've worked on can't be made public, but if you're curious, you can check out my three-part series of articles on performant React application architecture or my github profile (which mostly contains generic Javascript stuff, old projects and silly jokes).

Lately I've been working on language and compiler design, a statistical simulation tool for game designers, various game ideas in C# (Unity), teaching myself Rust and learning about how modern C++ has changed since I last used it.

One of my hobbies is playing, running and designing tabletop RPGs. A while back, I wrote a pretty popular article on how to make action scenes more interesting, which was hosted on The Gauntlet blog.

I also made this very silly NPC generator, inspired by my favorite AP podcast.

While I'm talking about myself, one thing I'm proud of is that Jeff VanderMeer (the author of Annihilation) once quoted me in a speech.

I like it when people use they/them pronouns when talking about me, but I'm also fine with he/him pronouns (which is, understandably, what most people use when they see my handsomely bearded face).